4Facts.org (Round 3)

Latvia Project type: prototype The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism Re:Baltica


There are several reasons why 4Facts.org can be an excellent way for enabling a scalable, well-coordinated effort for fact-checking. Firstly, it creates a set of incentives for fact-checking at a much wider scale. Fact-checkers are interested in validating content, since they can get financial rewards and also establish reputation for high quality work. The amount of rewards received increases as fact-checker improves his reputation. Content creators will be interested to submit their content for validation, since they want to build their reputation. This will be a way of demonstrating their credibility to users.

The solution

We are trying to expose fake news and unreliable information sources, which has done a huge damage for trust to media, politics and are even used as weapon in disinformation war in a specific regions (like the Baltic countries, for example).