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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Czech Republic Czech News Agency

Automated multimedia news production (Round 6)

The automation system must deal with the complexity of the Czech language, use the appropriate grammatical constructions and handle the choices of suitable expressions. The multimedia and relation engine cannot rely only on the basic metadata but it must also consider the context. The solution involves AI and NLG algorithms to automatically generate news based on smart flexible templates and data coming from a variety of sources and to find the appropriate related news items. The system will be fully integrated into the news agency and publishing workflows and will be controlled by the editors without specific IT knowledge.

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Czech Republic

Datamatic Store

Datamatic is a platform where publishers can explore, customize, and publish professionally crafted data visualizations.

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Czech Republic Regie Radio Music spol. s.r.o. (Lagardere Active Group)

Youradio News

Youradio News will create the digital audio service that enables specialized professional news from economics, business, politics, science, and culture in a user-personalized way. All on a highly-professional level that lets listeners directly participate.

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Czech Republic The Project Syndicate o.p.s.

PS Plus (Round 5)

PS Plus seeks to help publishers, especially non-profit publishers, monetise content online through an innovative, smart paywall approach that combines content sharing, community building, gamification, mission support and incentivises subscribers through a cash referral program.

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Czech Republic Jan Klesla

Behavioural model of content monetisation (Round 5)

Behavioral economics can help media outlets better understand the preferences of their customer segments. At the core of this project is the basic assumption that news outlets underutilize readers' willingness to pay for quality news content. While some subscription or pay-for-article systems have gone through market testing, they often lack in-depth designs aimed at targeting specific and irrational barriers to purchase. This project wants to pilot a new way for the whole industry by focusing purely on the customer.

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Czech Republic Geneea Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Article Analysis (Round 4)

When a journalist writes an article, apart from the text itself, they have to provide various additional information and metadata to make the article more informative and popular. These tasks are time-consuming, involve significant manual work and are error prone. Moreover, the results are not always optimal. The system will remove the repetitive and non-creative part of this process. It will analyse the text of the article while still in the CMS (Content Management System) and, when requested, will offer ranked suggestions of stock photos, related articles and content tags for the journalists to choose from. All while adhering to the internal rules and preferences of the media house.

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Czech Republic Economia, a.s. (Respekt magazine)

Respekt Club - Membership programme and social network for subscribers (Round 4)

Respekt Club is a simple social network that builds on a reader to reader connection, allowing subscribers and fans to stay in touch with each other as well as newsroom staff. Through celebrity contributions, Respekt Club will encourage users to share their thoughts about the magazine. They'll introduce a tiered membership for premium subscribers and hope to encourage readers into paid for content by the quality of their service.

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