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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Denmark Jysk Fynske Medier

Cross-platform Personalisation through Hyper-local News Algorithms (Round 6)

The project aims to increase the value of and revenue from (hyper-) local journalism by personalising content delivery and discovery across multiple platforms. The goal is to ensure the profitability of local journalism and thereby preserving its significant role in local democracies through innovation. Jysk Fynske Medier strives to leverage technology and big data in their attempt to sustain local journalism. The project is unique in the way it harnesses the advantages of different technologies (e.g. data analysis, automated journalism) and human assessment while working on a variety of current and possible future platforms.

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Denmark International Media Support (IMS)

Mediabridge.org (Round 6)

In a competitive and economically challenged European news industry, the value of publishing exclusive, high-quality content is immense. Nonetheless, stories from hard-to-reach areas that could inform the international agenda are often overlooked and dismissed because of the costs of investigations or lack of trust in local journalists. IMS, Danwatch, and IndieFrame will create an accessible and safe online collaborative space where content can be developed, co-financed, and shared. Mediabridge.org will enable an innovative news ecosystem that satisfies the demand for agendas-setting stories from European media with a supply from their non-European counterparts.

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Denmark Constructive Institute

Constructive Mirror (Round 6)

It is now well-established that journalism excessively focuses on problems, conflicts, and the extreme in order to draw attention from. The risk is that the public gets an overly negative picture of their community and the world. We hope that the Constructive Mirror will challenge the well-ingrained editorial habits. By allowing news organisations to become conscious of their biases, we hope to encourage them to engage in more constructive, balanced, accurate and future-oriented news reporting. Our goal is to encourage all news organisations to take a more responsible stance towards the journalism they produce.

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Denmark Mandag Morgen Aps

The Engagement Engine (Round 6)

Manage Morgen’s audience consists of leaders and specialists across many different sectors with an interest for the society and management. For Mandag Morgen to stay (or become more) relevant to this group, we need a continuous and close relationship with the audience, that allows us to spot the challenges, interests and needs this special group have in common. This project intends to give them the most relevant look into the next trend, opportunity or problem ahead, and help them learn, get inspiration from each other and empower them to act.

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Denmark Mediehuset Ingeniøren A/S

Engineering Users (Round 5)

The challenge is how to showcase all the relevant content and possibilities for the users, and to make it worthwhile for the user to interact with Mediehuset Ingeniøren’s media content. By mixing personalized high quality news and journalism with targeted and relevant career opportunities they will captivate and activate passive job candidates. Furthermore, by pushing a personalized newsletter based on intelligently extracted intent from current data points, the new system will eventually create a proactive and intelligent match between employers and candidates.

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Denmark A/S Information

Repurposing Content - Personalised journalism (Round 4)

The traditional news business model, which Information shares with all major newspapers in Denmark, gives users two options: subscribe full-time to all content or do not subscribe at all. Information, a daily national newspaper, wants to make it easier for readers to access the journalism that excites them, delivered at a time and in a format that suits them, and at a price they feel is fair. Information aims to add a segmented, user-centric approach, allowing the individual user to engage with content at different cost levels, and allowing the news provider to funnel loyal non-subscribers into paid options in the form of content packages that suit their exact needs. These packages will figure as an individual product line, supplementing – not replacing – current subscription options.

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Denmark Børsen

Business Journalism Robot - quick and accurate business reporting (Round 4)

Business news is all about speed and accuracy. A robot journalist can work faster and more accurately than most human reporters. While journalists can only cover a limited number of businesses, the robot journalist can cover an unlimited number. The robot will learn to write from Børsen’s very experienced journalists.

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For YOU on purpose - serving local news that matters to you (Round 4)

In a digital world of abundance readers can get lost. The story that matters the most to an individual can get hidden by other news content. This project changes that, bringing the story that has the most relevance and is of most interest to the reader to the front and centre of the user’s interaction. Technology has advanced to a point where it is possible to hand over control of the news agenda to the user. This project builds a system that allows news to be served intelligently - both customer oriented and interest based.

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