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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Spain El Mundo (U.E. Información General S.L.U)

ReT-UX (Real-Time User Experience) (Round 6)

ReT-UX aims to turn the classic, static news website experience into something as lively and close to the user as the "personal stream" experience that powers social networks, significantly increasing users’ engagement and providing a platform open to the test and implementation of new ideas about news interaction and personalisation.

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Spain Diario de Navarra (Grupo La información) + Hiberus Media Lab

Subscription Accelerator Content - S.A.C. (Round 6)

With this project, Diario de Navarra + Hiberus Media Lab would like to identify the ingredients that create the most engaging stories, leading to higher quality journalism and, in turn, more subscriptions. As a local publication it has limited capacity, meaning each piece of content created needs to maximise the chance a reader will subscribe. We would like to find a way to better inform journalists with the data collected.

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Spain Henneo

LoVer (Round 6)

A common strategy is needed among small and medium publishers to compete effectively. Paywall and programmatic advertising works better using data, and data is better when is declarative. So, the base of the project is to create a common Single Sign-on infra-structure to reinforce both strategies (paid and programmatic).

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Spain Prisa Radio SA

Tailorcast (Round 6)

When looking for spoken audio content, users have basically two options: turn on the radio or look for a podcast. Radio offers a laid-back listening experience in exchange of a fixed and limited content offering and non-targeted ads. Conversely, podcasts offer endless choice and relevant ads, but discovering new content is cumbersome and demands users’ time. From a creator’s perspective, difficult discovery means small audiences and tiny revenues. Tailorcast’ goal is to deliver a radio-like experience with a content and advertising mix customized for each user, generating large audiences and revenues for spoken audio content creators.

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Branded Content Inventory Optimizator (Round 6)

Pure Branded Content runs directly on the CMS allowing for perfect integration, and avoiding adblockers. The problem is advertisers want performance (clicks) and the main window of exposure to get them, the homepage, is extremely limited. That limits the campaigns the publisher can run, creating a revenue ceiling that's impossible to get through. BCIO will allow several BC campaigns to run on the same spot, multiplying the inventory. It will use AI models to present the optimal content to the best audience, therefore protecting the performance of each campaign.

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Newsbub (Round 6)

Newsbub wants to help publishers connect with an audience of young news consumers. How do they propose to achieve this? They believe publishers need to engage youngsters in a language they speak, through gamification, local and interest-based communities and augmented reality contents consumed on mobile phones. Newsbub wants to be the provider of this new language and a bridge between publishers and their younger audience

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Spain Brainstorm Multimedia, S.L

TelePorter - Augmented Reality Teleporting System for Immersive News Journalism (Round 6)

The news landscape is rapidly diversifying as a result of internet broadcasters and lower-end market entry costs. This creates both challenges and opportunities. The challenge is for broadcast news and real journalism to remain relevant, engaging and appealing to audiences, particularly at a time of tightening budgets. The opportunity is to create accessible, affordable ways to enable a new breed of journalists to deliver compelling broadcast news that reflects traditional values of journalism whilst embracing the possibilities offered by new technologies. TelePorter will empower journalists, while exciting and engaging audiences.

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Spain Partal Maresma i Associats S.L.

AI Radar (Round 6)

Reacting to breaking news is often time-consuming and complex. AI Radar will help newsrooms identify the news that matters most to their readership early in the story creation process, shortening publishing timelines.

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Spain Colectivo 5W, S.L.

Don't Forget

‘Don’t forget’ is an international journalism funding system aimed at covering neglected global issues and giving the users the power to participate in the agenda-setting.

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