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The DNI Fund has awarded more than €115m to 559 projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

Innovation Stories

Battling Misinformation

Trend Recognition for The Listening Center: Breaking the filter bubble

The Listening Center’s Trend Recognition Module developed social listening tools that allow journalists to identify breaking stories before they go viral.

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Boosting Digital Revenues

REMP by Dennik N: Creating sustainable models for independent journalism

REMP is an open source toolkit for subscription that helps journalists determine which content their audiences are prepared to pay for and to manage loyal readers relationship

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Telling Local Stories

The Bureau Local: Helping local news have more impact

Bureau Local is bringing together journalists and volunteers to amplify local stories at a national level.

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Exploring New Technologies

The Enemy: Using VR to disrupt the news

The Enemy uses VR and AR to make the news a fully interactive experience.

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France Groupe Nice-Matin

Locale (Round 5)

This project aims to free up time for journalists to focus on writing stories with greater added value for their audience.

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France Société Éditrice du Monde

One Size Fits All (Round 5)

Offering EU publishers a solution to address a large range of activities within news organisations - from basic editorial needs to strategic marketing operations. The basic features already exists but the future portfolio with the key assets that will compete with other CMS has yet to be completed. This will include live text, push management, profile management and forecasting.

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France Groupe L'Express

Voice of L'Express (Round 5)

An opportunity to increase the engagement of users and lower subscriber churn rate. It also opens the possibility new advertising revenues such as audio billboard, custom ads etc.

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CPM: Content Predictive Monetisation (Round 5)

Ouest-France wants to increase the number of subscribers and life time of their subscriptions. To achieve this they will pick the most attractive content from existing data for each reader. This will be detected by an algorithm that predicts an impact score on audience, engagement and loyalty. This score will be defined by analysing ten years of digital audience data and finding patterns of popular articles.

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Virtual Newsroom (Round 5)

As its Atelier des petits Journalistes is very successful among teachers with 1,600 pupils and their teacher learning from a specially trained journalist about what a newspaper is, and create their own daily newspaper. Play Bac wants to do that in a digital form. It will mean more teachers will be able to generate the experience in their class directly, without moving location and at lesser cost.

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France Contexte

The right news at the right time (Round 5)

Contexte’s editorial content data services have proven their value, but their content distribution is quite static, through a daily email or, at most, by social media.Better delivery will lead to increased client acquisition, increased up-sells and a reduction in subscriber churn.

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France TF1 SA

Vocal (Round 5)

The project will enable a video broadcaster to engage in an audio focused strategy by using AI technology adapted to distribution. The project will include a complete tool to transcribe video to audio content, edit and distribute this content on all platforms, and a recommendation engine powered by a recommendation algorithm combining metadata, activity correlation and trending topics.

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France INDIE (Parent Company: IndiCo News SAS)

INDIE (Round 5)

Today a stream of digital media publications are emerging in every country. Many of these new media startups produce high quality journalism, but do not have the financial, organizational or technological skills to gain visibility, make a profit and grow. INDIE will support journalists and help them distribute high quality content through its platform.

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France Société du Figaro

Amplified Stories (Round 5)

The main challenge will not be a technical one. It will be to move from a small lab production model to a story first newsroom, where every journalist knows how to tell and build stories, not as a replacement to text but as a complementary format. That means a lot of workshop and training. Similarly, there will be a challenge to make sales people more effective at selling stories to the advertiser.

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