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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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United Kingdom Newsquest Media Group

Loquial – the community news network (Round 6)

Communities rely on their local news brands to do what they’ve always done best – professional, investigative, insightful reporting as well as representing broad community content. But these are challenging times for local news brands who can’t provide the level of journalistic resource they once did. Loquial aims to provide both efficiency for newsrooms along with continued representation of community content. By creating something that allows readers to get their content online and into the newspaper, but without tying up editorial resources that could be better used elsewhere, this initiative aims to get more journalistic time back into in depth reporting.

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United Kingdom Reach Regionals

AI bots and trolls filter based on cross-platform internet traffic analysis (Round 6)

Everyone knows podcasts and audio are increasing in popularity, but local news and information has yet to find a sustainable place in the audio world. Laudable aims to address this, working with publishers large and small to create sustainable audio content supported by revenue.

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United Kingdom Archant Community Media Limited (Parent: Archant Limited)

The Story Of... (Round 6)

An enticing new way to organise and monetise a rich photographic archive.

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United Kingdom Springer Nature

Change the World Impact Tracker (Round 6)

Media organisations worldwide are under pressure to demonstrate the value of journalism to readers, and to show publishers, advertisers and donors that journalism is worth investing in. Its standard to measure reader numbers and engagement using online analytics tools, but very difficult to measure if a news article made a difference in the real world. An impact tracking tool would help Nature and other newsrooms to quickly record and assess how their news articles ‘changed the world’, and to showcase that information.

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United Kingdom Tortoise Media

ThinkIn Network (Round 6)

Tortoise is creating a different kind of newsroom. One that is built with and for our members. We want to break out of the media bubble, to harness the intelligence that sits outside the newsroom. At the heart of it is the ThinkIn. It’s based on a newspaper leader conference. Instead of just being for journalists, members are invited into the newsroom. It’s a place, in the real world and the digital one, where you can come, learn and tell us what you think.

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United Kingdom Kiln

Crunch: AI-driven tool (Round 6)

Even with ""easy"" visualisation tools such as Flourish, journalists need to clean and prepare their data manually or using a third-party data-wrangling tool. This is a barrier to entry for journalists who are are starting with a dump of data from disparate sources or who are not trained as data analysts. Even once the data is cleaned, the user needs to work out what kinds of visualisations might suit the data and manually attach columns and rows to the interactive template. Crunch will attempt to minimise this friction, enabling journalists to find stories in data more easily and to publish more – and more varied – graphics.

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United Kingdom Mediaforce Holdings Limited

LocalEyes (Round 6)

LocalEyes helps SMEs, by enabling access to more local customers in highly trusted localised environments for brand building and call to action. It will also help challenged local news publishers in continuing to provide local journalism by monetising more of their inventory direct to the end user at higher yields, rather than at OMP programmatic rates where yields are unsustainably low.

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United Kingdom

Machine Learning Service Journalism for Newsrooms (Round 6)

Consumers browsing products often search news organisations for accurate reviews before they make a purchase. This in turn produces a reliable stream of affiliate revenues e.g. NYT Wirecutter. Although major news organisations produce some highly regarded and trusted product recommendations they simply cannot produce the range and volume demanded by users because of the prohibitive cost of editorial product research relative to revenues. This project will build components for publishers that use machine learning to assess public user reviews in order to make reliable product recommendations. This can be made free to publishers, giving them additional ways to monetise traffic.

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United Kingdom Açormedia, SA, Global Notícias-Media Group S.A.

Sleuth (Round 6)

The decline in court reporting is a threat to the democratic principle of open justice. A lack of resources mean news organisations have scarce time to look through court lists in advance and spot public interest cases that deserve coverage. Our proposed software would do the job for them, scouring otherwise unread lists and finding - through programmable keyword searches - cases to send reporters to. If successful, Sleuth would be a vital newsroom tool that allows for better allocation of resources while ensuring that justice is not only done but seen to be done as well.

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