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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Netherlands NOOR IMAGES BV

Pix.T: The Blockchain-Driven Marketplace (Round 6)

The direct monetary value of a digital photograph is approaching 0.0. The shift to online news consumption has put the craft and mission of photojournalism at existential risk, surviving for now on dwindling print-side budgets and NGO and corporate clients. Photojournalism urgently needs new business models that reconnect it with the digital news industry and creates real revenue for both.

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Netherlands Mind the facts

Pilot MindTheFacts.com (Round 6)

Language bubbles in Europe have been a barrier that has blocked the development of a pan-European platform that covers news from different countries. There wasn’t enough willingness to pay for digital news to make such effort feasible. That has changed since the rise of fake news. Journalists from all European countries can publish their content on MindTheFacts.com to reach an international paying audience. All content must be produced by the principles of the Conduct of Journalism as truth-finding as that is the most important value in modern day journalism and one of the most important things consumers are willing to pay for.

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Netherlands ANP Holding B.V.

Real-time usage & performance tracking for news agency content (Round 6)

News agency content is used widely and is often edited or used as a source material making it difficult to track or find. Innovative matching algorithms will make it clearer where the content originated. Just finding is not enough though, agencies also often lack a clear picture of how that content performs. This tool combines various techniques to offer a real-time dashboard and historical reporting engine on content performance.

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Netherlands NU.nl

Personalised leaflets (Round 6)

Traditionally, the Dutch market for paper leaflets is very big, with hundreds of different leaflets being delivered in the offline mailbox of almost every household. Recently, new environmental rulings limit the distribution of paper leaflets. Retailers still want to reach (potential) store visitors and we want to provide them this opportunity. NU.nl wants to gather these existing offers and apply machine learning to recognise individual offers, text, images and other characteristics. After matching these unbundled offers (and the location of shops) with our user profiles, we can show our 7.5 million users relevant, localised information (offers) around local news.

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Netherlands Deeptrace

Deeptrace (Round 6)

Deepfakes present unprecedented risks for businesses and governments, including sophisticated kinds of fraud, identity theft and fake news. Deeptrace provides a detection API that scans videos for malicious alterations, akin to antivirus software.

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Netherlands Dag en Nacht Media

The Podcast Loyalty Program (Round 6)

Business models are still very much a challenge for media and podcasting is no exception. Most of the shows rely on advertising. The reason advertisers like podcast is because the audience truly cherishes its favourite shows. The strong connection between the listeners and the show is fundamental to podcasting culture. Advertising works remarkably well because of that reason, but it's also very risky if a media industry relies completely on advertising revenues. The Podcast Loyalty Program wants to generate a new source of income: one directly from the listeners to the shows. Meanwhile, the program strives to strengthen and broaden the special bond.

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Netherlands Stichting Free Press Unlimited

Publeaks Mobile - Information sharing tool for media on the go (Round 4)

More interaction between whistleblowers and journalists means tip-offs are more likely to be published. Tips are currently submitted through an online form and document upload. But ‘mobile whistleblowing’ will make submitting tip-offs easier and less error-prone, resulting in more tip-offs, more investigations and more publications. Whistleblowers will find Publeaks in their favourite chat app. A chatbot shares information and photos with participating journalists, who can then take over the chat and continue the conversation with the whistleblower.

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Netherlands Adriana Homolova

Elvis – Map Me Tender

Our tool visualizes public procurement markets as a bi-modal directed network visualization. By translating theory on red flags of corruption into these visualizations, we help journalists to focus their research on the juiciest parts of public spending markets.

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Netherlands VPRO

Trees (Round 3)

We see two major problems within the ecosystem of investigative journalism. First, a very tangible decline in trust amongst media users. And second, a decline in resonance amongst a younger audience. Not objectivity, but transparency and independence are vital for journalism to be credible in the 21st century. By deconstructing the traditional longform audio episodes into smaller particles, Trees opens up the process and allows users to participate within the story as it develops. By opening up our journalistic process and combining it with active user engagement, we believe that Trees can repair this trust. Because Trees stories will be mobile and audio first, they are much better suited to the flexible way this audience uses media.

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