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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Poland GLOB360 / naTemat.pl

Brid - hybrid co-funding journalism platform (Round 6)

GLOB360 / naTemat.pl would like to tackle the challenge of persuading readers of free website into co-funding quality journalism. They don’t want to pursue "we just need your money" approach as they believe that readers should be involved into decision-making process first and that funding campaigning should be built around that readers/newsroom relationship.

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Poland Polityka Sp. z o.o. SKA

Great reading experience (Round 6)

Online readers are constantly tempted by new experiences on numerous websites and news feeds. But instead of satisfaction coming from deeper understanding, they often experience weariness. On the other hand, reading in-depth articles on small screens can be discouraging, as it requires not only attention focus but it usually comes with usability issues. Polityka will offer comfortable reading of longer texts, develop a set of tools for readers and new methods of editing and presenting content - all of that to match the interests and reading style of demanding readers.

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LegislationFILEapp (Round 6)

Currently, there is no comprehensive and viable tool in Poland to find information about specific bills, hence the legislative process is not transparent enough and many find it too complex. The LegislationFILEapp will facilitate day-to-day work of reporters who cover policy and the legislative process, as well as businesses (e.g. consultants) and other interested parties. It will also help to make the legislative process more transparent and appealing to general public by breaking down the complex process into accessible, interactive content.

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Poland Wirtualna Polska Media S.A.

WP Blast (Round 6)

Young people tend to use phrases such as “tap”, “swipe”, “skip” and “skim-reading”, which describe activities that play a huge role in the modern process of acquiring information by the Millennials and Generation Z. Currently, no Polish media publisher reflects the aforementioned needs of young readers. Everyone is constantly focused on providing universal and traditional news formats. In response, Wirtualna Polska would like to offer WP Blast, which will change the way young readers consume content and the type of it. We would like to help the young people to open to a qualitative journalism and go out of social filter bubbles.

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Poland PBeM Sp. z o.o. & Intergol; iMedia; Korso; Południowa Oficyna Wydawnicza; Wspólnota.

Transforming local publishing companies in Poland (Round 6)

The biggest challenge that we have to face in the Polish local media industry is the outdated model of a local media house based only on print with static content and the technical inefficiency of small publishing houses in Poland. Thanks to the project, PBEM Sp. z o.o. and local publishers from Poland, will create new technological solutions and build innovative media groups based on a modular structure. They will be able to expand these groups infinitely and this in turn will make it possible to keep developing the local media environment. The implementation of the project will significantly improve the economic situation of local media by creating new streams of money.

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Poland Grupa Radiowa Agory Sp. z o.o.

TOK FM Microphone

Online platform for audio feedback & user-generated audio news

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Poland PMPG Polskie Media SA


The system will be comprised of two parts: 1) Content application (paid jour.) with unique remuneration system 2) Mentoring platform.

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Poland Polska Press Grupa

Budżet Alert

A platform (website + apps) dedicated to participatory budgets in Poland. The project’s aim is to inspire and encourage participation in money management by citizens.

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News Stream 360°

Offering listeners an automatically-refreshing multimedia information stream and enhancing the live broadcast.

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