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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Romania Freedom House Romania

PressHub Market - innovative and quality journalism (Round 6)

Romanian online newspapers need a direct connection with their potential advertising clients, for two reasons: 1. Media agencies intermediate the buy-sell process between publishers and media clients, keeping between 50-80% of each contract’s revenue and creating an imbalance on the market. 2. More and more independent newsrooms need their journalists to bring special projects and access grants and/or special funding in order to maintain the existence of the newspaper itself. This situation occurs both in big cities, but especially in small towns, where independent journalists struggle because of the local politicians who fund most newspapers in exchange for loyalty.

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Romania Asociația Media DoR

Story Maker (Round 6)

Sharing stories on platforms that are not owned by the publisher is a time-consuming task, particularly if you’re committed to quality. In large media organisations, this is done by specific teams, but in small newsrooms, this work most often falls on the editor or the journalist who produced the story. A tool like Story Maker will be immensely helpful to teams where the reporters are also social media editors or amplifiers of all sorts, by cutting down the time spent on making decisions about formats, and then matching the right content with the correct form.

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Romania SC Convergent Media SRL


Programmatic news – extending the newsroom through an engaging platform where passionate users become real journalists, writing articles on specific topics backed by GSP editors

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Romania Republica.ro published by Tetragon Publishing SRL

Audio Smart Core for Newsroom (Round 5)

Exploring new ways of consumption, new ways of creating news-stories, new channels to deliver news-stories to the users and new ways of diversifying revenue streams by implementing Natural Language Understanding system, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence that allow users to interact with the text or audio content of the web platform with voice commands. Users will be able to keep up-to-date in real-time with audio news and comment on published events and analysis.

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Romania Funky Citizens

Reinventing community-focused journalism (Round 5)

Due to poor financing, there is a lack of proper news cycles for local communities in the region. This project aims to be a pioneer in data journalism in Romania, especially by putting to good use the huge amount of data that other stakeholders produce. The project will share consolidated databases produced with other journalists. This non-profit work will focus on delivering news and analyses truly relevant for the community in one city (Bucharest).

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Romania Europe Developpement International-R SA, part of Lagardere Active Radio International Group

News for the next generation (Round 5)

Offer a way to deliver verified news to busy people and to the younger generation by adapting the traditional media to new consumer habits and gadgets preferred by early adapters. Using human filters with AI to deliver the news in audio and text on multiple devices, starting with a traditional website and app and integrating the news into smart speakers and smart TV. Voice commands are added to keep the control of news as simple as possible for the end user.

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Romania Ozon Vasile Sorin

FastShareInfo (Round 5)

A database for investigative journalists to stock the information and documents they find, even if not used, in order to help make the work of another journalist more efficient. The database prototype will test this assumption by working with collaborating journalists in Romania as well as in countries that help with cross-border projects.

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Romania Association for Social Entrepreneurship „Plus One”

ReportR - The social impact of fake news (Round 4)

New advances in artificial intelligence and computer graphics pose important challenges to credible news. The future of fake news is in video and audio manipulation tools able to generate new forms of voice impersonation and face reenactment. ReportR aims to enforce and complement the initiatives of coping with the phenomenon of ‘yellow journalism’ by developing a gamified setting in which people can learn to critically analyse news and relate stories to various social dynamics. ReportR envisions a fictional world full of ethical dilemmas and challenges experienced according to various scenarios which unfold through players’ decisions and actions.

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