DNI Fund Projects

The DNI Fund has awarded more than €94m to over 460 projects in 29 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

Featured Projects

Portugal Público – Comunicação Social, S.A.

P24 by Público

P24 is Público’s personalised audio catch-up for its readers. It refreshes throughout the day and produces audio clips of stories that are customised to each individual reader, as well as providing the main stories of the day. The project is Público’s answer to the problem of how to better serve an audience on the go; one who may not have time to constantly check the website throughout the day, and who may miss important news as a result. After initial research, audio was picked as the best medium to solve the issue, and Público has identified it as a key platform for the future of the publication.

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United Kingdom The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau Local

Central to The Bureau Local project is the intention to encourage the spread of ambitious data-driven local journalism. While many local media outlets are being shut down and resources centralised, The Bureau Local is driven by the essential desire to hold power to account at a local level; to make press more representative of those they represent. They do this by supporting a network of key local journalists - from traditional media outlets to bloggers - and providing vital data sets, statisticians and graphic designers to help local journalists yield investigative stories that might also resonate nationally.

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Germany Edenspiekermann AG


POST is a tool that will help journalists measure the success of their own content. It was born out of a question: what is the most pressing issue facing editors and how could the agency do something to help? Edenspiekermann already closely collaborates with newsrooms across Europe. By talking to their partner organisations they identified that a key problem in newsrooms was how to integrate analytics on day-to-day basis for already busy journalists. POST aims to make life easier for journalists by giving them help at exactly the right moment.

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Italy onData

openTender (Round 3)

A more transparent supply chain of public tenders can help journalists to work much better with the help of users and citizens. Using data of the reconstruction process incoming after the Italian earthquakes would be an excellent field to develop our prototype for various important reasons. Our first developing field for prototyping is strictly hyperlocal and this makes us able to involve a specific community of users as well as people involved in the reconstruction process. We want to build a missing bridge between readers, journalists and producers of Italian public data for tenders.

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Germany Res Publica Verlags

Journalism first (Round 3)

Our platform will enable publishers to become independent from advertising agencies when it comes to the acquisition of advertisement for their paper or digital magazines and newspapers. Today, most publishers have an agency under contract which acquires companies that would like to place advertisements in their publications. The cost of hiring agencies is very high, publishers have little influence on the efficiency of the agency, and due to exclusive contracts have little freedom in acquiring customers using other means. The platform will be an auction-based marketplace where various publishers can offer ad space in their magazines.

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Germany Heise Medien (Heise Gruppe)

c't Content Shariff (Round 3)

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter supply official sharing code snippets which quietly siphon personal data from all page visitors. If a media outlet embeds a tweet, a Facebook post or other social media content in their website, it exposes visitor data to the social media sites that can track the user behaviour. c't Content Shariff gives the user the choice: It makes the embedded content visible via a proxy that doesn't directly expose the user's data.

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Romania Hotnews.ro

Newsroom Democracy Radar (Round 3)

The Newsroom Democracy Radar will put representative polling into the hands of every journalist in our newsroom, and open up to journalists across the news ecosystem after initial launch. Editors will be able to ask questions that matter to hundreds of thousands of readers across news properties, and for the first time have the ability to receive detailed, statistically meaningful results in real-time. The project will break filter bubbles, change user engagement and data journalism for the better, tangibly cut newsroom costs, and build up a new way for newsrooms to monetize their audiences in a constructive, non-invasive way.

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Germany Edenspiekermann AG

POST — Unleash the Power of Post-publishing (Round 3)

Measuring success in Journalism is still a hot topic in times of changing business models. But leaving that topic to the business side ignores the editorial potential of measuring and acting upon readers interacting with journalism. We know from interviewing and working with newsrooms that journalists do not look at dashboards, but would care and contribute to the performance 
of their own story if they knew when to do what. As a result newsrooms often miss out on post-publish opportunities to build new audiences, spin stories further and spread a new mindset inside the newsroom. Through a prototype funded by the Google DNI in 2016, we confirmed the need and willingness of journalists to act upon hints to improve their personal stories.

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United Kingdom SERELAY

Mobile Content Authentication Platform (Round 3)

An increasing amount of the content we consume in a given news cycle is user generated content. While there are many positive aspects to this, a consistent problem is that 3rd party contributions are much more difficult to verify by traditional journalistic means. Our proposed project presents a technology based alternative – rather than trusting the individual contributor, we should develop the technological means to assess the authenticity of the media.We employ a three-tier verification architecture comprised of non-invasive cryptography, rich sensor metadata analysis and computer vision.

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Spain eldiario.es

Leave Your Mark (Round 3)

We will try to overcome the ‘era of trolling and noise’ with a variety of innovative interconnected formats that promote the best of digital interaction and diminish traditional effects from the dark side that are damaging digital media and clouding the ideal of the Internet as a democratic enhancer.

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United Kingdom Associated Press Television News (AP)

AP Verify (Round 3)

The importance of UGC to news coverage continues to grow and is anticipated to continue in the future. However sourcing and verifying UGC takes considerable time and resource with mistakes often leading to misleading news entering the public domain. AP Verify will automatically collect and assess the data needed to verify content, saving considerable editorial time and bringing trusted content to the news viewer quicker than ever before.

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Poland Gremi Media

Nationwide database of asset declarations (Round 3)

The main challenge of the project is to create a nationwide WWW services for gathering and making property declarations. The implementation of the electronic standard for property declarations will allow for their presentation to be transparent and accessible. It will also ensure full legibility of published documents. It is intended to serve all interested journalists as well as citizens so that they can easily and freely review public information submitted by persons performing public functions.

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