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The DNI Fund has awarded more than €115m to 559 projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

Innovation Stories

Battling Misinformation

Trend Recognition for The Listening Center: Breaking the filter bubble

The Listening Center’s Trend Recognition Module developed social listening tools that allow journalists to identify breaking stories before they go viral.

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Boosting Digital Revenues

REMP by Dennik N: Creating sustainable models for independent journalism

REMP is an open source toolkit for subscription that helps journalists determine which content their audiences are prepared to pay for and to manage loyal readers relationship

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Telling Local Stories

The Bureau Local: Helping local news have more impact

Bureau Local is bringing together journalists and volunteers to amplify local stories at a national level.

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Exploring New Technologies

The Enemy: Using VR to disrupt the news

The Enemy uses VR and AR to make the news a fully interactive experience.

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Lithuania DELFI

Open Monetisation Platform (Round 5)

Currently, professional high quality content creators, such as independent authors or publishers of print magazines, struggle to generate sufficient revenues through the advertistng supported monetisation model. Open Montisation Platform aims to collect premium quality content from multiple creators and serve it in a highly personalised manner to the broad DELFI audience. The platform will provide a possibility for their readers to directly support high quality journalism, by seamlessly purchasing stories and consuming them in a distraction free environment available on any device.

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Poland Burda Media Poland

Tellastory (Round 5)

Nowadays there are many obstacles connected with advertising in publishing area. More and more users use Adblock in order not to see aggressive ads. BTA coalition is trying to educate publishers how to present display on their inventory. Very often ads appear next to the missed context. Native and contextual advertising is more crucial than ever. There is a story behind every brand, every news, every content. Tellastory is a tool which helps editors to visualize their stories and help them monetize their content.

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Austria Styria Digital Services GmbH & Styria Media Group AG

SBCNS - Styria Blockchain News System (Round 5)

The fake news phenomenon became a serious problem in the public perception. The main idea is to seal content with the help of a secure and not mutable blockchain, locate points of „distortion“ and obstacles, restore trust in information distribution and find out where the possibilities of news eco-systems end. The next step would be to find out, how to further improve the fight against fake news and build alliances with other big news and media companies using our SBCNS.

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Spain Henneo

Voice 360 (Round 5)

The only way to think of voice as a new way to distribute news is to put voice in the center of news production. It is very difficult to use voice, video or graphics for enriching an article if the tools needed to create this content are diverse. Voice 360 wants to simplify and automate tasks to facilitate content creation.

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Italy Valerio Bassan

Istmo Paywall (Round 5)

There is a paradox with how paywalls currently work: the more a user interacts with a website, the more likely they are to pay for the content they love. On the contrary, less engaged readers remain in a ""fee free"" area, bringing low added value to the publishers' revenue model. While this model can work well for bigger media outlets with high levels of traffic, it doesn't support smaller digital outlets. Istmo Paywall is a tool that tracks how subscribers interact with a website and calculates their ""fidelity score"" in a transparent way. The higher the score at the end of a billing cycle, the lower the fee will be for the user - thus rewarding them for their loyalty. "

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Portugal The Mosted

Write for your readers (Round 5)

Currently journalists have access to limited feedback about how they write. We want to use Machine learning models to analyse multiple language and content related metrics. Using these metrics we generate suggestions in real-time on how they could improve the way they write and fundamentally reach their audience more effectively.

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Romania Ozon Vasile Sorin

FastShareInfo (Round 5)

A database for investigative journalists to stock the information and documents they find, even if not used, in order to help make the work of another journalist more efficient. The database prototype will test this assumption by working with collaborating journalists in Romania as well as in countries that help with cross-border projects.

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Austria influence.vision

New(s) Influencers (Round 5)

Due to uncertainties regarding validity, people have begun to distrust mainstream news media. Now more than ever, individuals turn to social media and their favorite influencers to read and discuss the news that affects them. However, it is often difficult to tell whether influencers are being paid for content and if those contributions have been properly disclosed. The project aims to solve this problem by creating a verification system to identify the degree to which influencers are exercising journalistic integrity and provide them with a hub to share their valuable content.

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Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH

F.A.Z Audio (Round 5)

The challenge in the development of "F.A.Z. Audio" lies in adaptation of F.A.Z. tonality on audio, development of a broadcast program with different formats, building a technical backend for program management and distribution to all available platforms, user management and individual program execution, organization of an advertising format and corresponding delivery system and extension of the existing paid offering through audio subscriptions.

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