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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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France Société du Figaro

Figaro Business Engine (Round 6)

Le Figaro's main goal through this project will be to first, use the CMS to attract valuable new readers through content optimisation. The publishing suite will then make it easier to bring readers to its Most Valuable Pages. The last challenge will be to optimise each content type according to its business model.

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France Groupe La Dépêche du Midi

Infox Tracker (Round 6)

One of the biggest challenges to media today is the spread of misinformation. Infox Tracker is proposing to provide journalists with a set of new tools to identify and deconstruct disformation more seamlessly. Heightening interaction with readers will increase community engagement, revive trust and allow them to become part of the journalistic process.

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France Groupe Les Echos

High Fidelity: Designing the next standard of anti-churn powered by data (Round 6)

As many other publishers, Group Les Echos -Le Parisien has the ambition to move to a subscription-based business model. Many actions are engaged to work on the top of the subscription funnel, it is now time to focus and optimise the very end of it : retention. This part of the funnel is a crucial topic in a digital world in which sources of information abound and a business rational topic as the cost of retention in the industry is between 5 and 10 times cheaper than the acquisition cost.

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France Philo Éditions

TRAILS (Round 6)

Online media reading is associated with lean-forward behaviours, entertainment across multiple formats and information bubbles. Print media is more associated with serenity, lean-back behaviours, hierarchies of content, and knowledge acquisition. TRAILS finds a way to provide the benefits of the print world in an online environment.

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France Têtu Ventures

Minority Report (Round 6)

In terms of LGBTQI+ representation, mainstream news coverage is still limited and repeats homophobic tropes. Other minorities, such as women of colour - and particularly trans women of colour - are practically invisible in news media. Minority Report is a digital platform that seeks to address these indignities by giving a front page to vital, unreported stories. Curating international news and first hand accounts, our editorial staff fosters discussions among our members and updates our Minority Report homepage which works as a living memory of our community.

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France Paris Normandie

EcoSystem (Round 6)

Today, there is no existing tool that gathers simplified integration of multiple open data sources, automatic identification of relevant data points and integration of verified data in augmented content formats in only one device. EcoSystem addresses it all : open data challenges, the demand for local news that is actually relevant to locals, readers’ expectations of verified, informative multi-level content and journalists’ requirements for a better digitized workflow.

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France Corse Presse

Corsica cori: Connecting Corsicans locally and across the globe (Round 6)

Corsican identity is a huge driving force in the region and among its diverse diaspora. Yet more solutions are needed to serve and unite the community, and to help those far away feel closer to home. Members of our community will be able to vote for the content they’ve enjoyed and interact with each other or with journalists. The data from these interactions is recorded and processed via machine learning, within the CMS in order to refine the mixture of news they are presented with. This custom newsfeed will be distributed through a progressive web app and tailor-made newsletters.

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France Condé Nast France

TABLIT - reinvents the long read and powers a flexible membership model (Round 6)

At Vanity Fair France, the desire has always been that articles “read like a book”. This project wants to solve two problems at the same time: to reinvent the digital longreads experience and use the technology created to liberate from another burden: how to monetize the digital offering. Currently publishers like us are trapped between two options: funding by ad revenue (which favours volume over quality) or using existing paywall solutions that also bring their own downsides, namely minimizing reach. TABLIT pioneers a new monetisation route altogether, by powering, via the precision of its attention-tracking, the Pay What You Read VFair digital subscription.

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Minis (Round 6)

News organisations investigate, report and present issues, but hardly ever present solutions. It leads to people feeling powerless because they have no way to do anything about the issues we bring to their attention. A widget for users to donate directly to causes they’ve just read about on Konbini, Minis addresses that issue. With no new tab, no extra steps, no other effort besides just clicking on “Donate”.

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