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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Romania Journalism Development Network (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project)

A Turnkey Data Platform for Investigative Teams

Data defines 21st century journalism, and has been behind some of its greatest successes, but as journalists we need to change the way we work to unlock its full potential. OCCRP is committed to reinventing investigative journalism for the information age so that we can tell the big stories about corruption and organized crime. Those crimes can't be investigated effectively without new tools to follow illegal asset flows from autocracies to corrupt banks to offshore tax havens.

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Romania Centrul Roman pentru Jurnalism de Investigatie (CRJI)


Journalists need new systems to facilitate their collaborative work to enable them to search, analyse, annotate and share their work in a secure, integrated environment.

Romania SC Blue Insight

Fact Scan (Round 3)

We have recently seen a raising interest for fact checking political claims. Misinformation is considered one of the biggest challenges a democracy can face nowadays.Fact Scan will use a range of artificial intelligence techniques to handle language understanding, speech recognition in audio & video streams, text recognition in image content. The aim is to turn fact checking from a hard and slow process into an ubiquitous process, which can deliver fast and accurate results to a variety of claims.

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Romania Hotnews.ro

Newsroom Democracy Radar (Round 3)

The Newsroom Democracy Radar will put representative polling into the hands of every journalist in our newsroom, and open up to journalists across the news ecosystem after initial launch. Editors will be able to ask questions that matter to hundreds of thousands of readers across news properties, and for the first time have the ability to receive detailed, statistically meaningful results in real-time. The project will break filter bubbles, change user engagement and data journalism for the better, tangibly cut newsroom costs, and build up a new way for newsrooms to monetize their audiences in a constructive, non-invasive way.

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Romania Ringier Romania

www.stiricurate.ro (Round 3)

Our main goal is to distribute good journalistic content, in an environment where anyone can be considered a journalist and can distribute any kind of content, to inform those interested in reading news and, also to e more important, to educate and to provide different audiences with relevant and quality content, by using big data.

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Romania Webcrumbz LTD

MorphL - AI-driven UI (Round 4)

MorphL will record various UI micro-metrics and automatically test different variations to identify the optimum combination that produces the best results. By doing this, it’s like having a 24/7 in-house R&D department keeping the application’s UI relevant and engaging, allowing publishers to do what they do best: create quality content.

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