Krautreporter (Round 6)

Germany Project type: medium Krautreporter


Krautreporter is creating a CRM solution and new product features based on the Krautreporter 'trust funnel', an initiative which uses qualitative and quantitative audience data to develop a marketing model that aims to build trust and engagement between independent newsrooms and their community. Their goal is to understand what makes their readership happy and to facilitate an engaged community.

The solution

While building Krautreporter,the team realised that they face challenges that access-based media rarely encounter. Their stakeholders (members) have different questions and demand different answers. Krautreporter needs to emancipate themselves from a subscription focused approach and rethink the concept of a conversion funnel that truly serves their needs. The 'trust funnel' framework delivers exactly that: A trust funnel CRM for member-driven journalism. Reliable data and engagement activities that build the kind of trust that Krautreporter needs to thrive as a membership business.