LK (Round 6)

Italy Project type: medium


LK is an app that processes, aggregates, and publishes verified breaking news in a constantly updated stream throughout the day. News is aggregated according to the topic and is accompanied, in real-time, by reactions from key opinion leaders on social media, and insights published on 

The flow can be customized according to the preferences of each individual user and the news can be grouped and archived with a single click, and read also offline afterwards. The artificial intelligence integrated into the application works by learning the preferences and habits of each user, pushing news and notifications to the topics of most interest.

The solution

Social Networks play a key role in spreading “breaking news”. Nevertheless most sources are not verified, or even worse, news is missed due to algorithms that decide what the user should read. We have identified a new potential role of an aggregator for breaking news that is able to select topics based on it’s true importance and relevance. Breaking news is selected and verified through a curated journalistic editorial board, aggregating them into a bespoke, user friendly app.