ROTAS - Revenue Optimization Tool for Ads and Subscriptions (Round 6)

Hungary Project type: medium Magyar Jeti Zrt.


The envisioned smart dashboard will aid editors in determining how to best content for maximum efficiency, without harming advertising revenues. For this balancing act, our software shall gather and analyse site traffic data, ad inventory and other relevant inputs to create signals that aid the decision-making on how to apply the paywall to what specific pieces of content.

The solution

Decreasing ad revenues have been pushing digital outlets towards different paywall solutions for long, among them selective freemium models. Yet publishers must introduce or fine tune their paywalls without harming the still dominant ad revenues. Decisions regarding what, how and when to put behind paywalls shall not be made purely by human intuition, but instead be supported by hard data analysed and interpreted by computers. Our solution intends to do just that, allowing optimisation between the two revenue generating methods competing for user attention.