SSO GESTE: bringing a single ID to the whole French digital media ecosystem (Round 6)

France Project type: large SSO Geste


The SSO GESTE is a unique identification platform for all the French news and media publishers that creates a new logged media ecosystem in France. The project is based on a single-sign-on alliance, enhancing the user journey. In the long run, the objective sign up 50 major publishers, representing more than 90% of the French monthly web traffic. This initiative is unique in terms of technological cooperation and is the first time so many players in the same industry have committed to build a brand new web experience.

The solution

Seamless digital experiences are now the norm and expected by customers. Google and Facebook have raised the bar for frictionless logged-in experiences and the news ecosystem needs to keep pace. SSO GESTE is a unique platform that will allow users to remain logged in to a range of different French news channels, enhancing the user experience and reader engagement.