TABLIT - reinvents the long read and powers a flexible membership model (Round 6)

France Project type: medium Condé Nast International


In the era of snackable news, TABLIT by Vanity Fair France develops the definitive long reads experience to allow more readers than ever to engage with high-quality journalism, and create the conditions to test a flexible membership model.

TABLIT combines data-led, UX-led and editorial best practises for digital reading with concentration tools and back end attention-tracking & machine learning/AI.

TABLIT generates 2 key revenue streams:
- powering our new digital subscription offer: the VFair membership which pioneers a fairer model: readers ‘pay what they read’ - down to the word.
- creating revenue from licensing, licensees will pay a flat rate plus a varying success fee based on KPI increase.

The solution

At Vanity Fair France, the desire has always been that articles “read like a book”. This project wants to solve two problems at the same time: to reinvent the digital longreads experience and use the technology created to liberate from another burden: how to monetize the digital offering. Currently publishers like us are trapped between two options: funding by ad revenue (which favours volume over quality) or using existing paywall solutions that also bring their own downsides, namely minimizing reach. TABLIT pioneers a new monetisation route altogether, by powering, via the precision of its attention-tracking, the Pay What You Read VFair digital subscription.