TNTA – Trusted News for Trusted Advertising (Round 6)

Italy Project type: large Ced Digital & Servizi srl


The TNTA (Trusted News for Trusted Advertising) platform wants to counter the economically sustainable business of fake content. 

TNTA is a platform able to assign a score to the web pages that host advertising, which interfaces with the DSPs used by advertisers, so that the same DSPs can exclude from the advertising planning the pages considered unreliable. 

Above all, the final target is to recover the reliability of journalistic work, which is now weakened by the indiscriminate proliferation of fake news.

The solution

The TNTA (Trusted News for Trusted Advertising) platform aims to fight the proliferation of Fake News by acting on what drives them to create: the economic revenue from digital advertising. By assigning a score to editorial web pages, the TNTA platform allows advertisers to avoid having their ADV associated with false or misleading news. Therefore TNTA will be integrated with data providers and Demand Side Platforms, allowing advertising investors to regain control of the media on which they publish the ADV