Tailorcast (Round 6)

Spain Project type: large Prisa Radio SA


TAILORCAST is a recommendation platform for spoken audio, that is able to create a customized linear stream starting from an on-demand piece of content. It mixes radio’s laid-back listening experience with podcast’s segmentation. The project aims to make the platform available to any premium audio content producer and trusted distribution channel; thus, TAILORCAST will become a spoken audio marketplace, where creators can supply premium content, distributors can deliver that content to their audience and PRISA Radio provide the recommendation engine and generate revenues for both parties - leveraging on its unrivalled audio sales footprint.

The solution

When looking for spoken audio content, users have basically two options: turn on the radio or look for a podcast. Radio offers a laid-back listening experience in exchange of a fixed and limited content offering and non-targeted ads. Conversely, podcasts offer endless choice and relevant ads, but discovering new content is cumbersome and demands users’ time. From a creator’s perspective, difficult discovery means small audiences and tiny revenues. Tailorcast’ goal is to deliver a radio-like experience with a content and advertising mix customized for each user, generating large audiences and revenues for spoken audio content creators.