TelePorter - Augmented Reality Teleporting System for Immersive News Journalism (Round 6)

Spain Project type: medium Brainstorm Multimedia, S.L


TelePorter creates compelling, immersive visual news content through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) broadcast technology, allowing reporters to appear 'in situ' or places the journalists together with interviewees regardless of their physical location. By 'teleporting' journalists or participants into an AR environment, viewers can have access to rich visual news. The system also allows for additional content to be included and sourced from standard presentation tools. The TelePorter technology will be affordable and user-friendly enabling smaller broadcasters with a lower cost base to access and use the technology. TelePorter creates a new paradigm for broadcast news.

The solution

The news landscape is rapidly diversifying as a result of internet broadcasters and lower-end market entry costs. This creates both challenges and opportunities. The challenge is for broadcast news and real journalism to remain relevant, engaging and appealing to audiences, particularly at a time of tightening budgets. The opportunity is to create accessible, affordable ways to enable a new breed of journalists to deliver compelling broadcast news that reflects traditional values of journalism whilst embracing the possibilities offered by new technologies. TelePorter will empower journalists, while exciting and engaging audiences.