The Podcast Loyalty Program (Round 6)

Netherlands Project type: medium Dag en Nacht Media


The Podcast Loyalty Program aims to give the audience new and better means to interact with their favourite shows. For podcasters, it's a funding model that allows your listeners to donate to your show. For listeners, it's a platform to connect with the community, share pictures, interact with your favourite podcasters, to listen ad-free, and to find your next favourite show. It could be an app, or a website, or both, as long as it strengthens the direct connection and builds a loyalty between the creator and the audience.

The solution

Business models are still very much a challenge for media and podcasting is no exception. Most of the shows rely on advertising. The reason advertisers like podcast is because the audience truly cherishes its favourite shows. The strong connection between the listeners and the show is fundamental to podcasting culture. Advertising works remarkably well because of that reason, but it's also very risky if a media industry relies completely on advertising revenues. The Podcast Loyalty Program wants to generate a new source of income: one directly from the listeners to the shows. Meanwhile, the program strives to strengthen and broaden the special bond.