AI Bots & Trolls Filter (Round 5)

Poland Project type: large Edge NPD Sp. z o.o.


The project is an AI-based firewall, limiting the risks and a negative impact of bots and trolls on readers’ experience and advertisers’ campaigns efficiency, which are the primary source of business for publishers. It will be an intelligent technology that automatically detects undesirable sources of traffic and allows publishers to gain an additional source of revenue within their existing advertising models.

The solution

In the current media landscape, publishers must face new phenomena that might jeopardize their relationships with readers and advertisers such as bots and trolls. These have a negative impact both on readers’ experience and advertiser’ campaigns efficiency. Our goal is to build a service enabling every publisher and social medium to identify sources of disinformation, trolling and bot traffic instantly. This technological advantage embedded into a commercial advertising model will secure any campaign from fraud.