ALADIN - Advanced Library for Automatic Discovery of Interrelated News (Round 5)

Italy Project type: medium LA SICILIA - Domenico Sanfilippo Editore S.p.A.


News is our living history and this project aims to simplify how users read news. ALADIN is a neural network that analyses the cloud of multimedia documents of our newspaper archive using advanced algorithms of Machine Learning. One of ALADIN's innovations is the semantic connections and the historical relevance of the news. 

The solution

Readers are overwhelmed by different types of information that pops up all of the time. If you want to look for something in particular, you have to first avoid all the fake news. People often forget to verify the authenticity of what they are reading, especially if you are reading local news about your town or neighbour. ALADIN allow users to understand what journalism really is, putting relevance and context to the authoritativeness of the articles.