Amplified Stories (Round 5)

France Project type: medium Société du Figaro


The story format is gaining traction on mobile screens. Le Figaro has been an early innovator with its own story format, which has seen significant traction. After learning from its experiments in native apps, Le Figaro wants to bring its unique Stories format to the Web. They intend to take advantage of the AMP Story format to expand their reach, build new revenue streams, and improve the production workflow so that they are able to cover more topics easily, most notably by building automated stories based on structured datas.

The solution

The main challenge will not be a technical one. It will be to move from a small lab production model to a story first newsroom, where every journalist knows how to tell and build stories, not as a replacement to text but as a complementary format. That means a lot of workshop and training. Similarly, there will be a challenge to make sales people more effective at selling stories to the advertiser.