Analysis of management transactions (Round 5)

Switzerland Project type: prototype AWP Finanznachrichten AG


Listed companies must publicize the share transactions of their top management. This transparency is intended to inform the public, and in particular investors, about members of the Board and the senior management with knowledge of upcoming developments. This project has two aims : Firstly to automate the reporting of current transactions, secondly to analyze the data over a long period in order to identify regular patterns and, based on that, to be able to recognize irregularities.

The solution

Currently the transparency companies give about management transactions is limited: Although the transactions are published, conclusions from the published data are almost impossible. By collecting and analyzing the data, it should be possible to get a better overview about the ongoing transactions, to classify current single transactions and to uncover exceptional transactions. From a technical point of view the way the data can be collected and proceeded is as much a challenge as the data analysis itself.