Animator for AMP (Round 5)

Germany Project type: prototype Trendspurt GmbH


The Animator for AMP is a visual authoring tool for creating rich yet blazingly fast animations for digital storytelling without having to write code. Currently, AMP animations are not feasible for the content creators in newsrooms - often even experienced web developers can’t work efficiently with it on such a low level. This project seeks to layer a visual interface on top, that allows even non-coding journalists to create AMP compliant, and therefore highly optimised, interactive animations with ease. As a result, newsrooms can create more engaging yet fast content.

The solution

Newsrooms are desperately looking for simple and easily adoptable solutions for creating more engaging content but don’t know where to start. The Animator for AMP closes the gap between the demand for rich digital content and the need for optimized mobile performances, especially when it comes to creating and distributing valuable news stories in a modern way.