ARM'ing journalists with secure devices (Round 6)

Germany Project type: prototype Klubradio unlimited GmbH


Secure collaborative tools are now an industry standard within journalistic networks. We are working towards building a prototype to protect small and portable ARM class devices, housing a digital tool bundle to facilitate investigative collaborations. ARM boards will be integrated with robust security chips to offer strong security protections to the data that resides on such boards. The end goal is to create a secure network for journalistic devices to collaborate on sensitive data, especially those working in authoritarian environments.

The solution

Klubradio unlimited GmbH wants to address increasing concerns regarding the trustability of device security especially in situations with changing use parameters: home vs. on the go, or with shifting threat levels (ie. crossing borders into repressive regions). When it comes to security chips for such ARM devices, there is a big gap and a lot of opportunities. Not many security chips are compatible with such mini computers. The project will allow the testing of various security chips with different types of ARM boards. The outcome is a hardware bundle to offer full security protection to the HDD where the journalistic data resides.