Assets: Generate powerful insights for readers and journalists (Round 6)

France Project type: medium Challenges


Assets is data-enriched solution for readers and journalists. In the newsroom, the Assets crawler connects to information databases, identify and structure data for our journalists to use while writing their articles. For our end-users, Assets will provide contextual information on a specific person or corporate structure mentioned in our online articles just by a simple hover. Assets will also be accessible as a database: they can explore our rankings or create their own, based on the data we gathered. Finally, Assets will also be made available to other media outlets as a licensed widget.

The solution

From our own observations, rankings are the dominant data based format in the economics press. However, this format is usually already outdated once published. Its editorial life cycle is not at all compatible with its new digital existence where real-time prevails. With Assets, we want to transform rankings into a dynamic database that can become a real goldmine for our audience and an invaluable editorial product for our journalists.