Automated multimedia news production (Round 6)

Czech Republic Project type: medium Czech News Agency


Our ambition is to develop a solution which will help to eliminate tedious journalistic and editorial tasks, accelerate and simplify the workflow, improve accuracy of the agency production and performance of the website content. After this project is finished, published articles will contain links to other useful multimedia information automatically selected by the algorithm - photographs, related articles, background information etc. The agency clients will be provided with a faster service containing appropriate and better targeted selection of multimedia and supplementary news items from both the agency and their own archives.

The solution

The automation system must deal with the complexity of the Czech language, use the appropriate grammatical constructions and handle the choices of suitable expressions. The multimedia and relation engine cannot rely only on the basic metadata but it must also consider the context. The solution involves AI and NLG algorithms to automatically generate news based on smart flexible templates and data coming from a variety of sources and to find the appropriate related news items. The system will be fully integrated into the news agency and publishing workflows and will be controlled by the editors without specific IT knowledge.