Branded Content Inventory Optimizator (Round 6)

Spain Project type: large EDICIONES EL PAIS SL


The Branded Content Inventory Optimizator will improve the amount of CMS based Branded Content publishers can run on their properties. This will be done without sacrificing visits thanks to the use of AI prediction models and real time rendering, therefore eliminating the most important bottleneck and allowing revenue to increase substantially. Built in an agnostic way that will guarantee it can be used on top of any CMS, the code will be available so every publisher interested can use it free of charge.

The solution

Pure Branded Content runs directly on the CMS allowing for perfect integration, and avoiding adblockers. The problem is advertisers want performance (clicks) and the main window of exposure to get them, the homepage, is extremely limited. That limits the campaigns the publisher can run, creating a revenue ceiling that's impossible to get through. BCIO will allow several BC campaigns to run on the same spot, multiplying the inventory. It will use AI models to present the optimal content to the best audience, therefore protecting the performance of each campaign.