Brexit in Detail - Examining the impact of Brexit (Round 4)

United Kingdom Project type: large The Detail, Below the Radar Ltd.


Brexit in Detail is a major multimedia project examining the impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union on industry, security, politics and society of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – using data analyisis and visualisation.

The solution

Brexit could have an impact for generations to come, but the focus of the debate so far has been on developments in top level politics. This project will capture the human impact of Brexit as it unfolds. The Detail, a news and analysis website based in Northern Ireland, will work with leading data analysis and visualisation company Analytics Engines, as well as innovative digital companies SureCert and City Radar, to launch Brexit in Detail – relating the major issues to the lives of individual citizens, while helping businesses highlight concerns and opportunities for trade and industry. The project will publish data analysis, investigative reports, and human interest stories on Brexit, while offering bespoke analysis of key issues. Plus there will be a new media funding model.