C-POP - story driven reader revenue (Round 6)

Germany Project type: large dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH


The global news ecosystem is under threat. Due to a lack of significant digital revenue newsrooms worldwide have to cut back and lay off. The publishers, especially the local and regional newspapers (very often the owners and members of national news agencies), are suffering heavily from a decline in print circulation and advertising revenue. The news agencies as their main content providers are massively affected since the decline in print revenue and the low level of digital profits make it difficult for publishers to compensate the agencies sufficiently.

The solution

With C-POP news agencies and publishers will redefine their traditional co-operation model in order to significantly grow digital customer revenue and defend the economical fundament of the news ecosystem. Instead of supplying publishers with stories and photos in the old one-directional way („fire and forget“) news agencies have started to enrich and optimise news content based on usage data and user preferences provided by the publisher. This new feedback-driven supply cycle will provide publishers with content that directly supports reader revenue strategies. Performance can be measured in real-time by adapting central publisher KPI‘s such as loyalty, conversion, retention and efficiency.