CAI- Conversational AI (Round 6)

Sweden Project type: large Bonnier News


Bonnier News Next believes that the project CAI will uncover completely new ways of consuming news in a more interactive way and explore how the voice interface (being conversational and interactive) will affect news consumption. Based on this, the aim of the project is twofold. To develop helpful and appreciated dialogue solutions to give users new ways to experience and engage with news, and to identify a clear commercialization strategy with new revenue streams.

The solution

As voice assistants become more important part of everyday life, user expectations of quality are quickly shifting. Users no longer tolerate static content, instead they want to interact and engage with an experience. Therefore, there will be a need to create more conversational based content. When the consumption of news shifts from passive to interactive, the relationship between the user and the newsroom will change. The possibility to have an ongoing dialogue between the two opens up for a deeper understanding of what content and format adds value for a user, and ultimately what content drives engagement.