Come Together! (Round 6)

Italy Project type: large GEDI News Network S.p.A. (GNN)


“Come Together!” is a digital place where readers’ contributions, the work of journalists and technology can act together to bring the local newspaper back to the center of the public debate of local communities, as an institutional subject able to act with and for readers’ trust. For journalists “Come Together!” will be a dashboard with widgets to organize calls to action to build investigative and solution journalism reporting, but also public events. It will be a digital community accelerator for readers, offering tools to report and take part. The project will be developed for all the 14 GNN local titles.

The solution

Readers’ involvement is the heart of local journalism. But GEDI News readers have to use third party platforms and newsrooms are losing the direct relationship with them. Social platforms provide interactivity tools but not journalism. This project aims to combine the two things. “Come together!” will boost the membership model by increasing logged in users and facilitating the sign up and subscription funnels. Readers will have a new reason to visit our websites: make their voice heard. This platform will strengthen the relationship of trust between titles and readers.