Connected cars, connected audience, news ecosystem (Round 3)

Greece Project type: prototype School of Journalism and Mass Communications Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences Aristotle University


The aim of the proposed project is to respond to changes that will occur in the news ecosystem in the new digital automobile environment. As our experiences becomes interconnected it is more than important to correspond to these changes in order to further the way users consume news in this new interconnected environment. These developments will create new digital revenue streams, especially for the automotive and news sector. The broader impact of the proposed project is to examine  audience current uses, needs and  expectations as well as what it is needed from the news organisations in order to respond to this evolving landscape.

The solution

The rise of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and connected cars represents a significant strategic challenge for the news organizations. News Organizations should respond and adapt the provision of news content in order to meet the changing demands of the audience. Most industry players and experts agree that the developments in this field will reinforce and accelerate many changes in various fields. Given the widespread understanding that game-changing disruption is already on the horizon, there is a need for an integrated perspective/solutions on how the news ecosystem will adapt and exploit these changes.