Content to Commerce (Round 6)

Austria Project type: prototype missMedia GmbH / Styria Media Group AG


The system will combine knowledge about users‘ reading behaviour with their peer-group’s buying behaviour. Heavy users of will be clustered and shown interest specific personality tests instead of promptly showing them ad banners. As a test result users will find an analysis like "dry skin type“ including customized product recommendations. The system will guide users from general interest in a topic via the topic related test to detailed product information and finally offer them the product for sale. The system collects data and learns which products are most popular for which peer-group resulting in higher conversion rates.

The solution

Current advertising systems do not significantly capture the interest of users that are in a reading mode. Users then actually feel more disturbed than attracted by prevailing banner adverts while they appreciate topic related personality tests. Available services for compiling topic related personality tests do not offer e-commerce connections like conversion tracking for shops or automated product recommendations. The content to commerce system will provide an easy to use backend combined with an e-commerce funnel.