Context is King - The Halo effect of premium news websites (Round 4)

Belgium Project type: prototype De Persgroep Advertising (De Persgroep Publishing) and Mediahuis Connect (Mediahuis)


This project will enable foreign advertisers who use programmatic buying to distinguisg premium content sites from non-premium ones for the benefit of readers, advertisers and publishers.

The solution

In a world that is dominated by programmatic advertising, it's difficult to distinguish premium news brands with high-quality editorial content from non-premium brands. In this framework the two largest news publishers in Belgium are joining forces to launch a research project that demonstrates the value of premium news websites. The research should demonstrate that the perception of high-quality news sites radiates on advertising brands (Halo effect). Many foreign advertisers are not familiar with local media. Editors on the other hand are not pleased with inappropriate advertising next to their editorial content, and readers find it disturbing. Based on the research, premium news sites would be awarded a label so that foreign advertisers can recognise them more easily.