Corby (Round 5)

Finland Project type: prototype Otavamedia Oy


Corby is a personal AI assistant for journalists. It will help journalists by following and reading vast amounts of source material to search for news and connections that would otherwise be hard to find. 

Whenever Corby finds something interesting, it will notify the journalist, who then can instruct Corby to dig deeper or change direction. By utilising machine learning and natural language abilities, Corby will learn from the feedback and will get better and better at helping every journalist using it. 

In this project, a prototype of Corby will be developed for Suomen Kuvalehti, the leading Finnish current affairs weekly. 

The solution

In current world, the lack of information is not a problem. Much harder, especially for journalists, is to find relevant information among huge amounts of data. No human being is able to read everything that might contain something useful. Instead, we often have to rely on sources, who have an agenda of their own – or to be just lucky. We want to use AI in order to liberate journalists to do what they are best at: creating better journalism by using a wider amount of sources than never before. And by doing so, inform citizens and support democracy.