Corriere Predictive News (Round 3)

Italy Project type: large Corriere della Sera


Corriere Predictive News is an ecosystem that will enhance the way news are created supporting the editorial team with guidance, forecasting and suggestion about topics and trends that might evolve, and become significant stories, in the short medium period. The main target is to identify possible news before the real outbreak happen. We will use the latest AI Technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP that will enrich our content and make our products more innovative in the Digital Journalism sphere.

We produce a lot of stories every day that we offer to our users and we believe that applying this technologies to our workflow,  journalists will push our products a step forward. 

The solution

Every day journalists have to deal with a big amount of data without a lot of insights on how to read and transform it into stories. It's the typical information flood. Corriere Predictive News will identify patterns and trends from different sources and multiple AI technologies helping journalists choosing news and creating stories that will be valuable for our users.