Creative Content Crowdfunding Platform (CCCP) - beyond editorial budget with user contribution (Round 3)

Hungary Project type: medium Magyar Jeti Zrt.

Summary covers a wide range of local, regional and international topics but with limited resources. There are topics and projects we are currently unable to undertake because of financial limitations. On the other hand has a large and loyal audience who at the moment do not directly contribute to content production except through ads. In collaboration with our international partners we will create a crowdfunding platform for special editorial and related projects. Through this we will enable readers to fund projects they deem worthy of their money and create an alternate source of revenue to fund quality content production. 

The solution

Often we come across stories that would be really interesting to cover but we lack the resources to do them: projects that are expensive, those involving travel, extended video production or many working hours of research. All these projects are exciting journalistically speaking, they would not prove efficient in a cost-benefit analysis. They would bring back a fraction of the production costs, while their societal benefits could be tremendous. Finding sponsors is an option but with many drawbacks. A custom built crowdfunding platform would enable us to raise money for such projects and greatly extend the capabilities of our coverage.