A Data Compass

Italy Project type: prototype Catchy S.r.l.


"You’re entitled to your own opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts”, Senator Moynihan’s famous quote no longer applies in the digital age. From political elections to sport, healthcare, wars and cultures, public opinion increasingly clusters in angry communities, clinging to “their own facts”. According to the World Economic Forum, “the spread of false information is one of the most dangerous trends of our age”. Catchy, a research team composed of scientists and media analysts will implement a “Compass” to steer editors and the public away from tainted sources and toward legitimate websites, a crucial task during emergencies or breaking news.

The solution

A fact-checking platform to select, interpret and visualize reliable information, connecting events to reliable news, filtering false news and misleading sources. Focusing on reliable media links, no matter how small, while pinpointing the false, tainted, unreliable sources.