Germany Project type: medium Berliner Wochenblatt Verlag GmbH, FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE GmbH & Co. KGaA


The Digital Freesheet Project aims to break new ground in how local publishers approach digital sales by creating an ecosystem for local advertisers and users from an uncompromising digital perspective.

The solution

Freesheets have a tremendous importance for the supply of sub-local content and ads of small local advertisers. In the absence of digital strategies and products there is currently no adequate digital representation of this news and advertising impact. Current market conditions leave out many of the small businesses which are neither equipped with appropriate content for the digital advertising age, nor have the necessary budget to finance bigger campaigns. Together with local businesses BERLINER WOCHE and GOGOL PUBLISHING will innovate new ad formats that are authentic, easy to create and inspiring to consume. At the heart of this strategy lies easily accessible content creation, ultimately driving conversations and transactions around commercial content. In order to achieve critical reach planned features and tools encompass personalised feeds, editorial analytics, and push mechanisms to bring people back to the platform.