DMINR (Round 3)

United Kingdom Project type: large City University London


DMINR is a research and verification tool to help journalists work with big data and conduct investigations in the digital era. It will act as a verification tool to quickly find information to help verify (or debunk) facts - particularly timely and important in the era of fake news. The tool will use highly advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to mine public data and make sense of results. It will utilise lateral search and API aggregation to find connections in big data and multiple lateral search locations. It will incorporate a highly-advanced search capability, AIML and a visual connection finder interface to then make sense, verify and visualise those connections. 

The solution

As more and more information is stored electronically, new tools are needed to support the media in identifying breaking news, conducting investigations and finding news in huge, complex data. This is important for democracy. Separating the news from the noise is key to the verification of digital information in the fake news era. News organisations need new tools that can offer ways to fact check and verify information - to ensure what they publish is accurate and trustworthy. Important public data is often ignored because the tools to interrogate this data are rudimentary. Dminr will help journalists conduct research and discover connections by accessing data sources and apply machine learning to sense-make, verify and find stories.