DOSSIER Sources (Round 3)

Austria Project type: prototype DOSSIER


DOSSIER Sources is both, tool and platform allowing news organisations to organise sources efficiently, embed them into their stories to make otherwise hidden sources readily available for readers and give users the opportunity to fact-check stories themselves.

The goal of DOSSIER Sources is to strengthen and sustain news organisation’s credibility by handing over original sources to their readers.

The solution

News organisations are ever more accused of publishing wrong or tendentious information. For news organisations, it is not enough to plainly insist on telling the truth or to rely on their reputation to distance themselves from those who actually spread misinformation. News organisations have to grow and cultivate credibility actively. DOSSIER Sources forestalls doubts and accusations by openly giving the reader the information, documents, data sets and other sources a story is based on. In the case of doubt, a user can then verify the factual accuracy themselves.