Easy2B - Easier and global sponsorship for local newspapers (Round 6)

Portugal Project type: medium Empresa Jornalística Região de Leiria, Lda.


Easy2B is an intelligent and easy-to-use digital monetisation platform combining the interests of local media publishers and local small businesses. Local sponsors can intuitively register their businesses and create digital campaigns and make them available online through local media. In turn, publishers can automatically source for sponsors and expand their base, manage the registered ones, approve their campaigns and billing them, using artificial intelligence. The aim is to bring “lost” local businesses to online local newspapers, by offering both sides an easy-to-use digital platform and deliver campaigns considering the reader’s profile and specific news content.

The solution

The main challenges are to collect data from readers and deliver a customised editorial and sponsored content; invite local businesses to submit sponsored content to local newspapers through an easy and affordable way; and display suited offers to users. Additionally, this platform can be subscribed and used by any local media to source for and manage their own sponsors. This configures two main types of e-commerce revenues for Região de Leiria: B2C - transaction fees from registered sponsors based on their campaign usage; B2B - subscription/transaction fees from other local media for the use of the platform.