Engineering Users (Round 5)

Denmark Project type: medium Mediehuset Ingeniøren A/S


The project aims to use individual feedback loops between users’ interaction with content and user curation of data to create an automated, personalised push of high quality journalism and relevant career opportunities. The aim is to create a setup wherein the collection of user data for content recommendation and job advertising is shaped by a transparent process, with the user as co-creator and maintainer alongside the automated system.

The solution

The challenge is how to showcase all the relevant content and possibilities for the users, and to make it worthwhile for the user to interact with Mediehuset Ingeniøren’s media content. By mixing personalized high quality news and journalism with targeted and relevant career opportunities they will captivate and activate passive job candidates. Furthermore, by pushing a personalized newsletter based on intelligently extracted intent from current data points, the new system will eventually create a proactive and intelligent match between employers and candidates.