Fake News Debunker (Round 3)

Poland Project type: medium Polska Press sp. z o.o.


The FND will work as an innovative platform to verify hot political news on their reliability and validity. Fake News Debunker will help the audience to identify the valuable news and to distinguish them from false stories, rumors or hoaxes and inaccurate reporting. 

Using a professional experience combined with existing and innovative technological tools the FND will verify hot media materials circulating on web sites or social media platforms. The results of the cross checking will be published on a specially created new online platform linked to number of online media outlets in Poland. 

The solution

As growing number of political fake news is swamping the media and social media in Poland, it is of high importance to provide the public a tool that will help to make sense of which report is trustworthy. At FND, a group of dedicated editors will put news into a verification process using existing tools, like Google Trends and others. FND will create a platform to be used as a display of verified news. Another application will make it possible for public to advance with stories of interest. Results will be published on PPG’s websites and social media.