Fighting fake news and filter bubbles (Round 3)

Germany Project type: prototype The Buzzard


The Buzzard is using artificial intelligence to fight fake news and filter bubbles. The team of journalists and web-developers from Leipzig, Germany, is training a machine-learning algorithm that can categorize political sentiments and orientations of journalistic texts. The first deliverable product will be a browser plug-in that will be later developed into an app. With this plug-in, readers can diversify their daily news reading by getting instant article recommendations that help them to burst their bubbles. And editors can cross-check sources and verify fake news more quickly. 

The solution

The Buzzard wants to fight fake news and filter bubbles in the European news ecosystem. The project team is developing a tool that empowers both newsreaders and editors to burst their bubble whenever reading about politics online and to cross-check sources more efficiently. The answer to this question is artificial intelligence: The Buzzard is training an algorithm that can extract the political orientation of the author of a journalistic text and its position on a certain debate and thereby automatically recommend users articles with contrasting viewpoints.