FOCUS AR CMS (Round 3)

Italy Project type: large Mondadori Scienza (Mondadori Group)


The project consists of a web-based Content Management System with drag-and-drop interface for Augmented Reality. This new CMS will allow journalists and publishers to directly position AR experiences on the pages of newspapers/magazines, linking them to print content. Through this CMS the journalistic staff will be able to manage an augmented reality layer of digital information which: enriches and completes the newspaper/magazine; allows real time updates; provides an interactive user experience; allows readers to interact with journalists and with each other (through social media), allows new ways of distributing advertisers' content; allows reader profiling and analytics.

The solution

The goal of the project is to spread Augmented Reality as a new journalistic language for printed press. This new CMS is essential to allow print media editors to easily manage and attach AR content to the pages of the newspapers/magazines and to do so during normal workflow. The CMS creates a layout for digital content (eg. video, audio, 360° videos & photos, 3D renderings/infographics/animations) and automatically uploads layout and digital content onto the magazine app. Whenever the user frames the relevant pages through the smartphone camera the application recognizes them and shows the related content according to the layout.